We sit at the top of the mountain eyes agape at the brightness of the stars finally waking up to who we truly are, reality is more than just the physical there is deeper love to be found in the mystical. Stepping towards the next stage in evolution we traverse the resistance to unification ‘have […]

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A splash was heard who was that spirit bird gliding across his mind’s screen and what was the message of the dream? Offering a chair to the pain he invites it to consume all that is vain. Persistent and consistent there is a purpose to this hurt he must learn to be objectively inert. The sense […]

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Infinite Games

dedicated to the sacred waters. thankyou thankyou for the gift of life. I ride the waves of time in awe at the beauty of the ocean of love🌅 The game is infinite in its scope do not loose hope what you choose to believe acts as a rope, it can help you manifest beyond your […]

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Loving Kindness

The people of the fire, spoke of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. A time shall come when the functions of mind shall unite in service to the heart. I sense the wind ruffle my ears, only to turn around and see the fire crackling alone in its presence. Is the time now? Let me flip […]

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Karmic Storm

He sees the storm raging a part of him always knew it was coming a thought flickers in his eye should he bury the grief and not face the lie? He smiles and charges ahead with a wail breaking through the mist and hail all that does not serve truth must fail. Nightmares of abandonment test […]

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Drowning Hope

As long as he has a choice he is not free pure surrender requires trust in what one cannot see know that true love does not involve codependency. There is a root in addiction made up of deceiving friction. The inner struggle getting manifested in the external as hard as it is to navigate, there […]

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Battle Glactica

dedicated to all the light-warriors out there. It’s an honor to be part of the planetary healing working playing beside you🙏🏼 ⚡ A hymn for the sacred ones the battle of ages has begun standing in the line of desire I bow to the purification fire, armed with truth I shall not cower. The purpose […]

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My Beloved

Existence is simple all one has to do is be and see the inherent divinity of the you and me. Timeless is the essence of our presence so full of life the sparkle in the beloved’s eyes. There is no wanting or needing the grace of love is in receiving smiles, laughter, and joys they […]

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Simply Free

Patient disciplined I smile at the revelations of these calm visions. So much fun opening my arms to the Sun. The excuses are dropping off nothing sticks peace is all that exits, she smiles at my pause. Joy is bursting at the seams staring at the ocean of my dreams, the cold breeze ruffles my […]

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Perfectly Broken

An idea forms in the furnace of rejection in the absence of love he will strive for perfection might sound like a funny resolution yet it serves the purpose of his evolution. He is thrilled to observe that this turn in his life is blind in its curve. Constantly arriving while in a state of […]

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