Cyclic Attraction

dedicated to all the folks caught in the loop of anxiety and depression. sending big love your way 🌻 I recently heard the following quote on the Aubery Marcus podcast which nudged my perspective in the direction of acceptance: the Sun does not judge itself by the shadows it casts. Hope the sun of your […]

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State of Affairs

Driven by fear, hate, and greed our generation is moving ahead full speed towards a something more horrible than what the senses can perceive. Dreaming victory we pour disrespect into nature’s symmetry don’t be surprised by what is met at the end of this trajectory. Disease, famine, hunger, and violent laughter how fascinating that we […]

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Honesty is being naked in expressing all that one treasures as sacred. Honesty is facing the spear of fear in order to protect all that one holds dear. Honesty is listening with more than the ears and not just pretending to hear. Honesty is admitting defeat and getting back up on one’s feet, the joy […]

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I am on my knees exhausted to the core with nothing left in my energy store, accepting the flaws I was trying to leave at the door of an existence devoid of shortcomings, only to wake up to an increase in the volume of suffering. It is beginning to seem like there is no escape […]

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Prize of Being

Dying to live, dying to live with nothing more to give to the gods of promise who never seem to be satisfied maybe life is just about enjoying the ride. For some it means resting in a place that is a timeless void for others it is tasting all the pleasures tossing all the rules […]

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Growing Back

I grew up with a caring that was strong yet firm distorting my image of what it means to show love with concern, somehow my parents were settled on the topic that I will be a failure unless they use harsh discipline as a nootropic. At each step I was reminded how dependent I was […]

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End of Rope

When the last hope fades and the colors tone down to numb shades, check your senses to assess if they function the fact that they work should give you direction to life’s benediction. Sometimes all one can do is breathe and pray for safe passage through the dark wreath. There is no promise of delivery […]

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The Wild

Grow up to the child within innocent and playful in whim, a reminder to the father to shed the pretend-skin a plea to the mother to stop being so grim. When the adults tell you it is so in most cases it is a guessing show, the blind leading the blind in march of the […]

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Waves of Inner Space

dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. flowing freely through all creation, thank you for this insane joyride 🌷 How deep do you want to go? ‘all the way to the beginning of creation’s show’ Are you willing to become all you can be? ‘yes, for that is my destiny’ Thus emanated creation’s waves comprising the function […]

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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising by V Aja Dhankhar dedicated to the pulse that burns through time, collapsing it to unity as it sends another phase forward 🌌 Have you ever noticed your thoughts and thought who is noticing the connection between the dots? Rabid in their movement they invite one to approach silent attunement. Watch the Phoenix […]

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