It is time to return home the sun is setting and the stream of consciousness is opening, it is time to return to the darkness whoever suggested light was the way did not fully appreciate the depth of dismay. It is time to question everything even when no answers are to be heard, why was […]

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Man of Ego

To the man with a hurt sense of self every interaction is an attraction of oppressive forces that do not exist beyond the shaky ground of his knowsis based on false premises, agitating the unaddressed wound that originated with fear as it’s basis driving a prolonged state of addiction to massive doses of losses, seeped […]

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So what if it doesn’t matter? Dedication to truth goes beyond cries and laughter, open up the vessel to receiving all that life has to offer. Be a Human. Be a God. There’s no difference really if one is willing to accept the responsibility of existing in humility, we are all interconnected in a blissful […]

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My sexuality is a cause of great concern it draws lines of escape across check-points of skills I scramble to earn the embrace of a lover who will soothe the burn of misplaced masculinity. As a man I try to project an image of prowess that I secretly doubt I possess so when a woman […]

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Broken Token

I was motivated now I am just jaded, working to avoid living I feel nauseated by my own pretension of having any idea or comprehension of how to walk this dimension. Afraid of what people think of me I judge every thought and action without mercy, tired and lonely I do not have the energy […]

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Breakthrough the mirage shatter this collage made of meaningless attempts to triage the root of disease in the family’s garage where the mold of secrets hides in plain sight, rise up and take flight. We are with you in this bout the vibration of resilience pushing against doubt, you are as strong as your willingness […]

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Ugly Chisel

I want to thank you for being born and ask you to forgive the self for reacting to the thorns, incarnation is a privilege one adorns you will feel worse before feeling the calm so I want to warn you of what is to come. A wound left open for the hurt to be spoken […]

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Conversation of Us

‘Be Brave’ said suffering to the slave, if life has a meaning it certainly is not dependent on conditional reasoning disease and ease are both part of its reckoning. ‘Love like there is no tomorrow’ said triumphant sorrow, if there is any connection it cannot be found by attaching to selfish satisfaction giving is part […]

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Peace is all there is all there is is peace coexisting light-dark sort of knowing at ease. Peace is all there is a system of opposing forces to balance existence’s wheels. Now pull that string and release the dream letting it fly across the eternal stream, come back to my love in your departure come […]

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Addiction Predilection

An upper at day followed by a downer at night repeating the cycle of fight or flight I find myself in a self imposed cell of lonely plight, hatching plans of escape by running from my shadow I try to blame the chemicals for why I feel hollow something liberating about acknowledging this pattern of […]

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