Just Alive

Just stay alive move past the clinging to survive, breathe in the movement out with the bereavement, celebrate the falls as much as you relish achievement’s calls. If you are here let’s be clear you make your own fate by surrendering to the raw unknown potential that is always near, do not cherry pick the […]

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Late to Fate

I am walking in the shadows of the valley of ill health, following mental pathways of stress asking me to progress with no clear address. No purpose no distinction between blind and intentional action, although I smile as I read these words of contention being lost is very much part of being found, only a […]

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The first communication of impending bloom took place on the rocks of Earth’s womb. No words were spoken yet it was the most impeccable transmission of tapping into one’s intuition as the source of information to navigate this dimension. No right or wrong this interaction is a song of masculine and feminine that belong to […]

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Insight Light

Alone. Please kill me. I have no value here. I am tired. Please end this. And listen no more to my blind demands. I can’t see and can’t feel. The pain is way too much. Please have mercy. Why pretend to blend in a social framework of cosmetic friends? Not everyone is swimming in this […]

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Meaning of Faith

I am writing about faith yet again reminders are a good reminder of the holy bargain we didn’t arrive on this planet to wallow in pity and be grim. The first push of the mother’s breath carries on its wings the meaning of faith, birthing is not easy to swing. Keep the faith alive through […]

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Overthink Link

So I am sitting and overthinking when I feel this overwhelming sense of a sickening being in front of 3 computer screens and a million fragmented thought streams I run to the restroom to throw up and find myself crying at my inability to make a decision in this dream. As the formal presence of […]

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Collision Transition

What happens when the demands of everyday life pull at one’s attention, is it enough to perform deeds without having a clear intention? I worry that this creative outlet will run dry so how do I meet practicality without compromising on my humanity? These are questions that I do not feel any hesitation in asking […]

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