Born to Love

Ego the sooner you let it go the more seamless is the flow of this reality through the lens of perception of the grand cosmic show. Resist and you will find yourself surrounded by a mist of confusing impulses refracted through the environmental cyst turning cancerous and spreading like wild fire till you cease and […]

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Undulating Solstice

Ra Ra Hum here comes the Sun the light of the One. Ancient memories of the future have begun to surface through the dark scum granting access to a rage filled dance of destruction. He is not shy or afraid being so much more than what was engraved by the traumatic lash of a forgotten […]

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Found in Beauty

I see the magic happening the secrets of a life waiting to be lived grappling with my resistance to be as I am without adding or subtracting, how and wow this is ridiculously frightening I did not think this much fun was possible in a reckoning. Committed diving head first into this cleansing of the […]

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Thriving Pulse

What is the pattern here and why am I wanting to disappear? Given that the wants and needs are met there is a part of me that still wants to fret and I cannot doubt it anymore since I have tasted the potency of its threat. The world as I understood it to be is shifting […]

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Noting there is lesser hesitation easier movement in this rhythmic motion, thank you Great Spirit for this access to the inner dimension with a greater ability to rectify and integrate the external commotion. Each time I hit a low I wake up with a better appreciation for life’s flow. This is not a poem it […]

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Go On

Move in now move in towards your failures and your saviors there is no difference between the two if you move in close enough to melt the barriers of what is ‘I’ and what is a lie of who serves and who receives in the grand scheme of existence’s architectural-dye. Are you concerned about being scatter-brained […]

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There is a place of contemplative trace where the wind meets the crest of oceanic waves, she meets me there with a smile on her face. I have sensed this presence in confined mindscapes urging me to break my faith in false escapes and embrace her grace, my lens of focus is shifting from struggle […]

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Calling You

The call of the soul might be disruptive to your plans but it is whole, it shall not lead you astray even as you fall into dismay just remember to pray. There is power in relinquishing control it allows you listen to the aforementioned call of the overused term ‘soul’. Do not get lost in […]

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Explore. Some More

What are your worst fears? I encourage the reader to start their day on this note. You will be surprised to find out that it is not a fear of heights, or spiders or whatever else, that plagues the progression of their day. It is usually something very basic along the lines of: how is […]

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