Divine intelligence precedes resistance
for man to become God one must learn to be of assistance.

Service is what is asked for
leaving the expectation for reward at the door
enter the halls of gratitude to replenish and restore
the broken dreams of a time gone by,
and you shall be whole as before.

What will your answer be
when the winds of change swipe you off your feet?
Will you kick and scream
or participate with delight in a new dream?

Look there is no point trying
to use logic to dissect the beauty of living and dying,
just follow your heart with a full buy-in
investing all the stocks of your energy in thoroughly enjoying
the return to the center of this pendulum swing.

Do not feed the lies of fear
as the stories of collapse spread far and near,
this is the time we have all been waiting for to appear.

A return to harmony
doesn’t have to mean the destruction of all your money,
create a new currency
based in sharing the gifts of mercy.


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