Asynchronous Beat

Kill the demon of confused states
evoking resentment and a sense of hate
looping into violent starts of a prose trying to communicate
the care I hold for your fate.

How could you not see this?
And if you did what led you to be so dishonest in our relationship thesis
claiming to not know your own feelings
all the while draining my energy to draw courage to raise past your suppressed ceilings.

Today I bow to the volcanic anger
that is truly love showing up to wipe away the remnants of your broken hangers
clinging at my clothes for security,
you need to let go and let be
a new future is calling for radical honesty.

As painful as this is to express
I do not wish to remember you or inhabit your life’s mess.
My love is pure, yet
the signature of deception equals disrespect
if the foundation is shaky there is no use spreading the bond-net.

Goodbye my love
you have managed to break me in a way that no one else could
for that I shall always sing your praise
and remember to stay open to truth’s rays.

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