Bombs were dropped. Hearts broken, as kindness stopped being seen as a way to adopt different perspectives available in life’s shop. Extinction is imminent buckle up, it is going shake what is consistent in this version of reality. It can be fun to watch the planet burn, if one takes ownership of one’s guns. Evil has […]

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Proposal of Death

The elders speak of a life-review that takes place at the time of death. Wherein all the moments that make up a person’s life flash before the mind’s eye. Seen not only from the perspective of the person making the transition but also from the perspective of the people that crossed paths with him/her. How […]

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Late to Fate

I am walking in the shadows of the valley of ill health, following mental pathways of stress asking me to progress with no clear address. No purpose no distinction between blind and intentional action, although I smile as I read these words of contention being lost is very much part of being found, only a […]

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Artificial Intelligence

We are all working all living and striving to get from point A to point B, confounding to realize that we are moving through eternity A to B through eternity. Do you ever wonder if there is another place where there is no race to chase goals and just be, no point A or point […]

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Prize of Being

Dying to live, dying to live with nothing more to give to the gods of promise who never seem to be satisfied maybe life is just about enjoying the ride. For some it means resting in a place that is a timeless void for others it is tasting all the pleasures tossing all the rules […]

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