Now is the Time

This is a good place to be here and now as a total recall key, summon your energy back from the past and the future which will always lack clarity. All your pills only lead to accidents and spills adding up to the stack of bills that you keep trying to pay for from a pool […]

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Just Alive

Just stay alive move past the clinging to survive, breathe in the movement out with the bereavement, celebrate the falls as much as you relish achievement’s calls. If you are here let’s be clear you make your own fate by surrendering to the raw unknown potential that is always near, do not cherry pick the […]

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Meaning of Faith

I am writing about faith yet again reminders are a good reminder of the holy bargain we didn’t arrive on this planet to wallow in pity and be grim. The first push of the mother’s breath carries on its wings the meaning of faith, birthing is not easy to swing. Keep the faith alive through […]

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Disjointed Rhapsody

Patience is what was transcribed in the agreement to be born so you may return home to balance even as you wander lost. The fear you notice is a friend in disguise it is a reminder of your duty to a world created in lies, all you have to do to fulfill this purpose is hold […]

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Journey Across Time

Thoughts are just that incessant brickbat and not really a personal attack, they have a life of their own set up by time to direct the evolution of human genome. Once identified as a training simulation these voices can become a way to redirect energy draining interpretation to a mind seeped in the restful nectar […]

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Mind Paradox

To be alive is a responsibility it is disrespectful to impose personal needs on what one cannot see, this might sound preposterous but take a moment and think what does ‘future’ really mean? All we have is right now yet this tendency to plan and project takes up all our energy withdrawing more than giving […]

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Waves of Inner Space

dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. flowing freely through all creation, thank you for this insane joyride 🌷 How deep do you want to go? ‘all the way to the beginning of creation’s show’ Are you willing to become all you can be? ‘yes, for that is my destiny’ Thus emanated creation’s waves comprising the function […]

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