A feeling of healing,appears as emptiness that were once known. This so called dissolution,of an identity based in a requirement of evolution. Hear the gasps of a dying saint,the man who wants to love hate.It is this trapped confusion,that proposes vengeance as a solution. Isn’t it evident then..‘self’-‘improvement’ is the oxymoronic bend,‘lost’ uses […]

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Perplexed as he was,the vision spoke a clear clause.In order to be met,he must be willing to bet..all that he assumes, giving the tests a rest. If can remember, to forget.He might thoroughly enjoy a new game-set… He can sense the breakdown.Insanity having cracked his crown,is revealing a reality, of unified ground. The good news […]

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Each new day is an adventure. What you seek, beckons the mask to venture.. towards the limits of its construct. Spiral inwards, to a place of silent trust. Curious exploration of all that you believe in, shall reveal the abundance, ever present within. Keep going, till you cannot go further. The steps of you appear, […]

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Rest & Shine

The world is not a scary spin. It is a place of dis-ease, & healing. Look within & tap into that feeling..of healing. Grant yourself a wish, in believing.. the collective wellbeing, as an outcrop of your dealings. Act, in alliance with the true-self, free of fear in its leanings. The world is not a […]

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Beyond Symbols

Roll & push through the toll of imposed ideas, unfold. Now. Ask the question. The one which carries much hesitation. Can I truly let go, without disconnecting from family, friends, & hoes? The answer is in another line of inquiry. Why attach yourself to another person’s story? See the dream for what it is, a […]

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The feeling of loss, is nailed to the cross. Holy, in its redemptive floss. Enough of the zero sum game. The pain shall consume all that is vain. The pain..shall consume..all that is vain. It doesn’t matter if he can tolerate it. The motion of change is here to uplift, the veil of illusion that […]

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Falling into Grace

As he skid into a halt, a new vision propelled him towards the next fault. In a hurry to create, he is testing old states. Pruning the impulse of hate, requires upping the stakes. So it is ok. Ask him to keep going, carve his destiny, be flowing. The explosions are reminders: to wake up […]

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Breaking Up(ward)

I woke up covered in sweat. Her legs wrapped around me, a claustrophobic net. Does loving her mean I have to limit desire’s flight? I knew the answer long before she came. Yet I plowed on, trying to exorcise her shame. Hoping that once she is free, she might have me. How long have I […]

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All & Nothing

Rapid fire consuming the landscape. The rights have been made wrong, in this hate. When the hand of misery lands in this way, there is a sense of freedom in consuming the prey. What is he going on about? The teachings were always about love, without a doubt. Too much non-sense has been conditioned in […]

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Not Confused

Running, running a new simulation. Stunning stunning in its manifestation, of an existence devoid of illusory thought formulations. A place where inner-conflict does not lead to warring nations. Can you imagine a world without self-immolation? There would be no hatred, and all would be sacred. This is easy to comprehend all one needs to do is think of themselves […]

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