The first communication of impending bloom took place on the rocks of Earth’s womb. No words were spoken yet it was the most impeccable transmission of tapping into one’s intuition as the source of information to navigate this dimension. No right or wrong this interaction is a song of masculine and feminine that belong to […]

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Insight Light

Alone. Please kill me. I have no value here. I am tired. Please end this. And listen no more to my blind demands. I can’t see and can’t feel. The pain is way too much. Please have mercy. Why pretend to blend in a social framework of cosmetic friends? Not everyone is swimming in this […]

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Breakthrough the mirage shatter this collage made of meaningless attempts to triage the root of disease in the family’s garage where the mold of secrets hides in plain sight, rise up and take flight. We are with you in this bout the vibration of resilience pushing against doubt, you are as strong as your willingness […]

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Peace is all there is all there is is peace coexisting light-dark sort of knowing at ease. Peace is all there is a system of opposing forces to balance existence’s wheels. Now pull that string and release the dream letting it fly across the eternal stream, come back to my love in your departure come […]

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Cyclic Attraction

dedicated to all the folks caught in the loop of anxiety and depression. sending big love your way 🌻 I recently heard the following quote on the Aubery Marcus podcast which nudged my perspective in the direction of acceptance: the Sun does not judge itself by the shadows it casts. Hope the sun of your […]

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The Wild

Grow up to the child within innocent and playful in whim, a reminder to the father to shed the pretend-skin a plea to the mother to stop being so grim. When the adults tell you it is so in most cases it is a guessing show, the blind leading the blind in march of the […]

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