The sky is open & the night playful. Waves of attraction drawn them in, no attempts are made to resist their pull. The lovers dive deep, salacious & full of desire. One adventure after another, the ride twists & turns, as they mount each other. More than a little careless they trust life to flow, as it must. […]

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Love Letter

I slid and skirted the bend only to catch a glimpse of her tear-drop, her face betraying a yearning for me to stop. The time for hesitation came to a still for I had found a new will in alignment with a vision beyond cheap thrills. At the next motion of my hip-swerve I witnessed the […]

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Inspired, thus Hired

This is the greatest love story the life we live and the death we forgive, eternal beings singing songs of glory. The path was created for you and I to walk come take my hand, together we shall stalk our fears and shed joy filled tears. There is no mountain that cannot be climbed and […]

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Asynchronous Beat

Kill the demon of confused states evoking resentment and a sense of hate looping into violent starts of a prose trying to communicate the care I hold for your fate. How could you not see this? And if you did what led you to be so dishonest in our relationship thesis claiming to not know […]

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Insanely So

Here comes the anger and here comes the rage at all these images of people I have been accommodating for no good reason but to try and be a sage. Fuck the suppression fuck the regression there is no time to be wasted in removing doubt from my field of expression. It feels good to […]

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I do not want to let go of her in writing this I can feel the weakness that acts as a spur to have the talk and figure out how are we to walk the steps of a relationship yet to find its protective bark. As much as I trust her I feel that our […]

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Screen of Life

In a place of self-inflicted strife, she finds him swimming up against the tide laying a hand on his chest she asks him to take a break and rest ‘enough has been done already, slow down and keep steady’. He is gearing up for yet another battle she smiles at his need to prove himself […]

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Drowning Hope

As long as he has a choice he is not free pure surrender requires trust in what one cannot see know that true love does not involve codependency. There is a root in addiction made up of deceiving friction. The inner struggle getting manifested in the external as hard as it is to navigate, there […]

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My Beloved

Existence is simple all one has to do is be and see the inherent divinity of the you and me. Timeless is the essence of our presence so full of life the sparkle in the beloved’s eyes. There is no wanting or needing the grace of love is in receiving smiles, laughter, and joys they […]

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Heartward Bound

In the beginning was the word sound intonation for a herd leaders of the lost reaching for the cross they sang of seperation leading to loss. Books were written for the followers to be smitten by the sense of righteous indignation. Eons passed in the rubble of chaos the Moon smiled each night hoping for […]

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