There is a monster at bay,one you do not have to slay.It is the veiled self portrayed,in the mirror of all that you wish to betray. The loss felt in accepting him as the boss,is but a calling..that you must not toss,into the cauldron of validation’s deceptive moss. Evil as you see it, is the […]

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The fall from grace took place,as an idea of being unholy. Born in a racebusy with saving its face,from a shame noone can trace. The right to deny one’s heritageis very much part of this lineage.Leave or take..itis an act of courage to embody faith. Yes, you heard that as intended.Living in itself is a […]

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Burning Eyes

Did he know when he was abused that it was nobody’s fault, all lost & confused, humans that inhabit this static have been used to a time lost in lies, the belly of predator’s eyes. He can fight all he wants. The decision is still going to surprise his stance, solutions are not the call […]

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Open Ended

A rage burns.. & earns the corner of his turning page. He might not exist.. to witness the cease & desist of the mirth plaguing the plane of clenched fists. The unbearable has cracked him enough.. to walk away from life, fear has lost its touch. All meaning is lost, there is no truth & […]

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Another intrusion, of the thought-loop of delusion. ‘m spinning, no in or out of this state of confusion. Hatred is lodged in a place, where I can’t see its face. Everywhere I look I find its projection, convincing me I need it for protection. It is a very lonely state to heal, inhabiting interactions that […]

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With the Winds

The son is abusing himself, for fun. Not being able to find a resolution to a repeating pattern of inadequacy meeting doubt-filled confusion. The mother felt she deserved better still she said yes, insecure in her dress. The father felt he had to prove himself to be worthy of her respect, unable to connect. Resentment building […]

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At this point it would be a blessing to die I feel empty as a lie, no matter what my intentions are or how hard I try to heal old wounds, they intensify with each ‘success’ catching my ego by surprise. Yes I want to kill myself and yes I have attempted multiple suicides does […]

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On Hold

You are the answer to your own questions, as much as this hurts you seeded the puzzle to find your own worth. Every soul leaves the quantum in order to feel the pain of being human. Do you realize how sick I feel? Then how can you ask me to keep open and be real? […]

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Coming Home

I have memories of a very angry person shouting and screaming and loosing his disposition repeating the mistakes of others in a linear fashion. Besides that there is not much else to say except for the love I can convey to this figure who held my hand and marched me in the direction of playing […]

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The Last Stretch

Creating more complex problems as we try to solve old ones makes for an application that is dysfunctional & inconsistent, our civilization is pressing against a doom that is not too distant voicing a pessimistic outlook does not mean one cannot be resistant to one’s own negative current. Let us flip the switch to an honest attempt to […]

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