A feeling of healing,appears as emptiness that were once known. This so called dissolution,of an identity based in a requirement of evolution. Hear the gasps of a dying saint,the man who wants to love hate.It is this trapped confusion,that proposes vengeance as a solution. Isn’t it evident then..‘self’-‘improvement’ is the oxymoronic bend,‘lost’ uses […]

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Playing..on play. Hopscotching between joy & dismay.There is a path in the middle, choose this if you may.Walking firm in balance, casual in your sway. Playing..on play. They do not have to fight, or pray.Living as a life, in itself is a blessing each day.Resistance is of little assistance, in a way.Accept the perceived […]

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CoWith Life

A virus, in the midst of crying kids,so called grown-ups rolling in fits.Unrest, being the harbinger of lifted perception lids,truth starts to reveal the hidden information grids. Now, is the timeto acknowledge the beauty of the inherent divine.Now, is the timeto move past the past into your presence & shine. Fear will knock at your […]

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Beyond Symbols

Roll & push through the toll of imposed ideas, unfold. Now. Ask the question. The one which carries much hesitation. Can I truly let go, without disconnecting from family, friends, & hoes? The answer is in another line of inquiry. Why attach yourself to another person’s story? See the dream for what it is, a […]

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Dark pulsating beat I sense her presence, irresistible in its heat. Our eyes lock calmly intense, no questioning this dock. Off the floor & eager to explore, we play on the way to her door. We toy with each other’s sensations, this new land being free of inhibitions. The interaction seduces a new vision, abundant in […]

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Backwards Advancement

Torn asunder from the spirit of wonder at what stage did this trip go so wrong and when will it return to pure surrender? Years passing in a flash of lightening here I am yet again bargaining for a fresh lease on life with a better grip on my worries as they only cause strife. […]

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Breath of Light

What does it mean and feel like to loose touch with one’s roots? It means he must go deeper to the seed of intention in order to find the truth. His family might feel abandoned but he must not stop at random a follow through is required in order to fathom the meaning of his […]

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Born to Love

Ego the sooner you let it go the more seamless is the flow of this reality through the lens of perception of the grand cosmic show. Resist and you will find yourself surrounded by a mist of confusing impulses refracted through the environmental cyst turning cancerous and spreading like wild fire till you cease and […]

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Thriving Pulse

What is the pattern here and why am I wanting to disappear? Given that the wants and needs are met there is a part of me that still wants to fret and I cannot doubt it anymore since I have tasted the potency of its threat. The world as I understood it to be is shifting […]

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Calling You

The call of the soul might be disruptive to your plans but it is whole, it shall not lead you astray even as you fall into dismay just remember to pray. There is power in relinquishing control it allows you listen to the aforementioned call of the overused term ‘soul’. Do not get lost in […]

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