Beyond the Veil

Before creation began the raw potential sat in silent contemplation, with a blank slate & imagination as a pen. Feeling the winds of change it breathed in a deep grin & exhaled a hail of emotional rain. For life to begin waters of turmoil were essential then. You see at the beginning there was the […]

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Let’s Go

Care even if it does not repair, care to be authentically you even if it seems to add no value. Someone is always watching someone is always listening your being is integral to the collective dream. So much fear, so much grief this cannot be an individual’s belief. Play in a good way harder, faster, stronger, and […]

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On Hold

You are the answer to your own questions, as much as this hurts you seeded the puzzle to find your own worth. Every soul leaves the quantum in order to feel the pain of being human. Do you realize how sick I feel? Then how can you ask me to keep open and be real? […]

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The Burn

A comet of hate streaking through unknown waters, its arrival isn’t late. Burning a streak of tears through his heart it is clearing his slate of an agony that has become too toxic to bear in any state. He knows the potential for projection that causes destruction of all that he holds dear, so he retracts […]

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Ecstatic Dance

She is the mother I am the son Together we are one. She is the sister I am the brother We always support each other. She is the lover I am her rudder Steering the ship of life with her power. She is the daughter I am the father Crying with joy as I watch her […]

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Divine intelligence precedes resistance for man to become God one must learn to be of assistance. Service is what is asked for leaving the expectation for reward at the door enter the halls of gratitude to replenish and restore the broken dreams of a time gone by, and you shall be whole as before. What […]

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Wake Up

We are going at warp speed into a world where there is no need to hide from each other or to participate in greed. The no is turning into a yes and the yes into a no brilliance shining on the way to flow there is immense power in integrating the shadow. So let’s go […]

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