Asynchronous Beat

Kill the demon of confused states evoking resentment and a sense of hate looping into violent starts of a prose trying to communicate the care I hold for your fate. How could you not see this? And if you did what led you to be so dishonest in our relationship thesis claiming to not know […]

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(Em)brace Impact

This version has to go now that you have accepted pain it shall grow into a flower that speaks of wonder as the world you know stumbles and blunders. Yes it is a must too much has gone into gaining your trust, observe with patience as all of your memories turns to dust. There is no cryptic […]

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At this point it would be a blessing to die I feel empty as a lie, no matter what my intentions are or how hard I try to heal old wounds, they intensify with each ‘success’ catching my ego by surprise. Yes I want to kill myself and yes I have attempted multiple suicides does […]

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The day the sun was born a pact was made with the eclipse to cast a shadow on the human genome, for the species to realize its true potential it must be willing to endure the uncertainty of being alive as individuals, and find a way back home to unification through death as the signal. The […]

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Insanely So

Here comes the anger and here comes the rage at all these images of people I have been accommodating for no good reason but to try and be a sage. Fuck the suppression fuck the regression there is no time to be wasted in removing doubt from my field of expression. It feels good to […]

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Today I am happy today I am sad today I have nothing to say about what to subtract or what to add, if only for a day I want to be able to say today I let go of the dream as it has been fulfilled there is nothing more to be had. I am […]

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Let it burn till there is no return of the darkness that churns underneath the smiles. The good and evil inside are simply an interplay of you and her in this turning tide express freely as there is nothing to hide. The only way you ascend is by taking the route inward of steep descent […]

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