This is a confession, of my addictionto seeking external validation.I am addressing the demon,that sits at the intersection, of our interaction. It causes immense pain, leading to isolation.Not being able to listen, indulging in constant evaluationof my self-worth.Such is the nature of this confusion, it blinds my vision. So forgive me, if I choose to […]

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Declarations of peacewhile being at unease,propogate the denial of self as a disease. Extending a handto a broken man,by jumping into the quick the folly of timid, trying to join the marching band. Courting women who are not available for the other,makes men run to the devouring mother.Abandonment being reflected, in the gaze of […]

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A friendship, born in trustsurpasses, what must..turn into dust.There is a knowing, within each one of usof a time before time, for which we lust. I am met there, as us. Destinies merge, as we ride life’s bus.A friendship, born in a mustin order to return home, land of free and just. The fall […]

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A feeling of healing,appears as emptiness that were once known. This so called dissolution,of an identity based in a requirement of evolution. Hear the gasps of a dying saint,the man who wants to love hate.It is this trapped confusion,that proposes vengeance as a solution. Isn’t it evident then..‘self’-‘improvement’ is the oxymoronic bend,‘lost’ uses […]

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Playing..on play. Hopscotching between joy & dismay.There is a path in the middle, choose this if you may.Walking firm in balance, casual in your sway. Playing..on play. They do not have to fight, or pray.Living as a life, in itself is a blessing each day.Resistance is of little assistance, in a way.Accept the perceived […]

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Perplexed as he was,the vision spoke a clear clause.In order to be met,he must be willing to bet..all that he assumes, giving the tests a rest. If can remember, to forget.He might thoroughly enjoy a new game-set… He can sense the breakdown.Insanity having cracked his crown,is revealing a reality, of unified ground. The good news […]

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It has, never been a question.The meaning of creation, is seeded in destruction.Humanity suffers, the cost of intellect’s insanity,in the face of conflicting opposites, of duality. The purpose, if one is to be to reconcile the diverging threads, make the circle round.One can only be one, just as the shadow follows the sun..of awareness […]

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There is a monster at bay,one you do not have to slay.It is the veiled self portrayed,in the mirror of all that you wish to betray. The loss felt in accepting him as the boss,is but a calling..that you must not toss,into the cauldron of validation’s deceptive moss. Evil as you see it, is the […]

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Season of Intuition

Traversing the mists of time, apply the compass of breath to navigate blind. Appearances rely on receiving by deceiving. Listen..the true-self feels its course of healing. Nurture the broken heart, by paying attention to the draw of a new start. Cry unseen tears into farewell, as you embark on the lip of adventure’s swell. […]

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The fall from grace took place,as an idea of being unholy. Born in a racebusy with saving its face,from a shame noone can trace. The right to deny one’s heritageis very much part of this lineage.Leave or take..itis an act of courage to embody faith. Yes, you heard that as intended.Living in itself is a […]

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